Draw on Websites and Take Screenshot with Krayon for Firefox

Sometimes we find very interesting or funny things on the internet while surfing regular websites and we want to share them with friends. for example, a few weeks ago I found a picture on a popular newspaper website that was clearly a Photoshop bungle – the model in the picture had two visible arms and a tiny portion of the third one was also visible. For sharing things like this with friends, you have to highlight the funny portions or they would miss it entirely. This is where the Krayon add-on for Firefox can come handy.

The Krayon add-on for Firefox allows you to draw, write and annotate on any webpage and then take screenshots of your art work. It is basically a small Paint program that gets incorporated into Firefox itself. It has a pencil (or you can call it crayon), some geometric shapes (rectangle, circle, line etc.) and text tool that you can play with.

Krayon for Firefox

You can change the size of the pencil tip(or brush if you choose to call it that), choose the color of drawing and erase everything if you do not like your work. Unfortunately, there is no way to selectively erase individual elements or undo previous steps. Instead, it erases everything and lets you start all over again from the scratch.

Krayon for Firefox

Once you have finished your drawing masterpiece, you can take the screenshot using the in-built screenshot tool. It allows you to take partial screenshots of the selected regions on the webpage and you can also take the screenshots of the complete visible webpage area. The screenshots are saved on the local computer that you can later share on social networking sites if you want to.

Conclusion: Krayon for Firefox is simple and easy tool for drawing and annotating on any website of your choice. You can also take screenshots and share them with your friends over social networking sites.

You can get the Krayon add-on for Firefox from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/krayon/.