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Before you share your pictures with everyone else on Facebook or Twitter, you would want to add a nice touch to them to bring out the best of them. This can be done with professional image editors like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, but they take too long to load and are just an overkill for adding a little effect or two to your pictures. Instead you can use the fast Polarr Photo Editor web app to edit the pictures and add various breath taking effects to them. The Polarr Photo Editor being a web app can be used from any web browser and offers apps tailored for Chrome web browser, Android, Windows, Blackberry and iOS.

The Polarr Photo Editor launches very quickly no matter which flavor you choose to try – Chrome browser app, online web app or mobile phone apps. You have to import the pictures into the editor to begin working on them, but Polarr Photo Editor already adds some of the pictures from your local disk to the gallery. In addition to importing the pictures from your local disk, you can also import images from online resources.

Polarr Photo Editor

The Polarr Photo Editor offers quick effects from the left side that you can apply in one-click like cinematic, chill, icy, lit, lowkey, foam, calming, triple scan, kapa etc. If you are not happy with these canned effects ready to be used, you can manually control various aspects of the picture like brightness, contrast, color, saturation, detail, optics, HSL, curves and toning. The interface is more or less the same in both the web app and the mobile apps.

When you are satisfied with the results, you can export the images in the popular JPEG format. There is no support for other formats like PNG or GIF, but since JPEG is the most popular image format used online, you won’t miss anything.

You can get Polarr Photo Editor from https://www.polarr.co/.

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