Shove for Chrome : Forcibly Open Web Pages in Friends’ Browsers

So you shared a link with your long time friends, eager to see their reaction but nothing happened even after waiting for hours? Well, its time to take matter into your own hands – its time to shove those links in their faces! Perhaps you cannot shove the links in their faces, but you can definitely shover them in their web browsers using the Shove extension for Chrome. If you and your friends, have the Shove extension installed in Chrome browser and are signed in to their Shove accounts, then you can easily open any web page you want in their Chrome browser.

The Shove extension is developed by some well respected names in the industry and handles its intended job very professionally. The first thing you have to do after installing the Shove extension is to register for a new Shove account, and subsequently sign-in to that account. Then you can send friend requests to your friends using their Shove user names. Once that friend request is accepted, you and your friend both are ready to play the game of catch and throw with links. If you do not have any friends with Shove extension, you can experiment with Shovebot – a virtual friend for Shove users.

Shove Extension for Chrome

Just visit any web page in your Chrome browser, click on the Shove icon in the Chrome toolbar, select the friends you want to share this web page with and its all done. If you decide to experiment with the virtual friend Shovebot, then be careful because it shoves a link right back at you.

Shove Extension for Chrome

As useful and interesting as this extension is, it also opens a new channel of misuse for those pesky cyber-criminals. Suppose one of your friends’ account gets hacked, or their PC gets compromised, any potential hacker would then be able to send you malicious links – delivered right into your browser. It would be a good idea to use an anti-virus product like avast antivirus that is able to scan the web traffic when using the Shove extension.

Albeit a small one, another problem with Shove is that there is no option to turn it off. If you do not want to be bombarded with links by your friends, then the only options for you are – either sign-out from your Shove account or disable the Shove extension temporarily.

Conclusion: Shove is a link sharing extension that allows sharing of links between friends directly into their Chrome web browsers. It is still in infancy and I hope that it will improve and add more features in the future.

You can get Shove for Chrome from