Express Your Feelings Better with Six New Facebook Emojis

Facebook has always been a social network associated with liking and commenting on other people’s posts. More likes usually mean that your post or comment was considered funny or witty or that other people agreed with you. But a like button does not really convey the actual feelings of people after they have read a post or comment. Some people might find your post funny, some will instantly fall in love with it, some will feel surprised while others might feel a little resentful. In order to express the full spectrum of human feelings, now Facebook is introducing six more emojis.

The six new emojis can be used to express visual feelings of love, laughter, triumph, surprise, sadness and resentment. These six new emojis will work along with the ages old like button. In fact, you can say that the Like button has now become another emoji itself. Now in your Facebook stream, you would see the number of  “Haha’s” or the number of “Yay’s” received by a comment or post, just as you see now the number of likes a post has received.

Facebook Six New Emojis

On the smart phones, the Facebook app will show a similar array of emojis after each of the posts and you can express how you feel using these emojis. Even without these six new emojis from Facebook, you can express your thoughts by using hundreds of other emojis offered by any standard third-party Android keyboard. In Windows 10, you can use the touch keyboard to use the emojis for Facebook comments.

As of now the new emojis are being released only in Spain and Ireland and we can expect that Facebook will soon make them available for the rest of the world. It would be interesting to know whether they add options switch between the new emojis and the standard like button.