NexusFont : Portable Font Manager for Windows

When you are working for a graphic design project that has some text it in, you have to use many different types of fonts. Some of the fonts might have been installed by you previously, but how can you tell? You can open the Fonts folder in Windows, but it does not really display the font face, it shows only the font names. You need a simple and easy font manager like NexusFont to view all the installed fonts and how they look like when used in documents. Moreover, NexusFont can also let you install new fonts or remove the already installed fonts easily.

NexusFont comes both as an installable as well as a portable application for Windows. I always choose the portable version as you can start using them right away without having to install anything. Upon launching, it displays all the fonts installed in Windows in an easy to follow list. All the fonts listed use their own font faces to show the font names.


You can also Font → Open Folder to select a folder containing TTF or OTF fonts and it will display all the fonts in the list form without installing them on your system. You can choose to install a font that is not already installed in Windows by right-clicking on a font and choosing Install. Similarly, you can choose to uninstall a font that has been previously installed in Windows by right-clicking on a font and choosing Uninstall. Care must be taken when uninstalling fonts, because removal of important system fonts can result in unexpected results.

Verdict: NexusFont is an effective font manager program for Windows. It can help you view the fonts, install new fonts or remove the already installed fonts. It is highly recommended for people who have to work with fonts on everyday basis.

You can download NexusFont from