Install Android Marshmallow Boot Animation in Android Lollipop or KitKat

Google has finally released the ROM images for the new Android Marshmallow for Google Nexus devices. It is going to take many more months for other manufacturers to release the Android Marshmallow updates to their devices. And some of the devices may not receive any update at all. Only the manufacturer of your device will decide whether they should provide an OTA update or not. If you do not want to wait that long for Android Marshmallow to arrive for your smartphone, then you can install new Android Marshmallow boot animation in your Android Lollipop, KitKat or JellyBean phones.

The new Android Marshmallow animation is not very different from the Android Lollipop boot animation and shows a black background on which four colorful spheres are orbiting from which the word “android” grows out.

Android Marshmallow Boot Animation

Here is how you can install the Android Marshmallow boot animation on your old Android devices:

  1. First of all you should have a rooted device. You can use Kingo Root to root any Android device easily, if your device is not already rooted.
  2. Install ES File Explorer from Google Play Store. This is necessary for making changes to the system files.
  3. Download Android Marshmallow boot animation files and copy them to your Android smartphone. There are two files – one for larger screen devices and other for smaller screen devices.
  4. In the ES File Explorer, open menu and select Root Explorer. This is required to make changes to the system files.Android Marshmallow Boot Animation
  5. In the ES File Explorer, open the folder /device/system/media/ and rename the file to to backup the original boot animation file in case you need to restore the original boot animation later.
  6. Copy the downloaded file (in step 3 above) to the folder /device/system/media/.
  7. Restart your Android device. You should see the new Android Marshmallow boot animation as the device boots up.

Conclusion: Its very easy to install the new Android Marshmallow boot animation in your older Android devices. All you need is a rooted smartphone, ES File Explorer and the new Android Marshmallow boot animation files.