Fontster : Fast Font Viewer for Windows

When you are working with a new document or graphical project, you have to choose one of the nicer fonts to be used in these projects. Usually, you can open the list of font from within the programs alike Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, but depending on the computer resources used by these large programs the font selection and preview can be very sluggish and can almost hang up your computer. For these reasons among others, I have started to choose the fonts in Font Manager programs before I start on a project. The free Fontster is also a similar font viewer program for Windows computers.

Actually, Fontster is just an HTA application and can be edited by anyone using Notepad. Because of being a small HTA file, it launches up pretty quickly and shows a list of available fonts on the left and their preview in the right side pane. The default text displayed is the “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” and all the numerals. You can select one of the fonts from the list  to see how it renders the text using that font. Similarly, you can also choose the font size in pixels from the text box at the bottom to see the text in different sizes. Of course, you cannot specify the font size lower than 5 pixels.


If you have a little knowledge of HTML, Javascript or CSS, then you can edit the HTA file of the Fontster program to make changes or add new features. For this, you can either use simple Windows Notepad or some other advanced text editor of your choice.

Conclusion: Fontster is a very simple and portable font viewer. While there are hundreds of similar utilities, it is probably the easiest tool to browse and preview installed fonts with comfort and flexibility.

You can download Fontster from