Go-Mobile : Access Mobile Version of Sites in Desktop Version of Firefox

There are times when your WiFi is not working or any high speed WiFi connection is simply not available in the nearby area, and then you have to use the slow and unreliable 3G connection of your mobile phone. I cannot really say about others, but every time I try to use 3G it gets very slow sporadically which adds to the miserable experience. In such times when high speed internet connection looks like an impossibility, it is wise to use mobile version of different websites to make the web browsing experience smoother. This is because these mobile version of websites are designed to work with low speed internet connections and load lesser resources.

You can access the mobile version of different websites (if they are available), using the Go-Mobile extension for the Firefox browser. This extension changes the user agent text string sent by the browser and the websites think that you are accessing the sites from a mobile device like Android or iPhone. After the installation, it opens up the Go-Mobile settings where you can configure what actions are to be taken when you switch from mobile to desktop version of sites.


Accessing the mobile version of sites is easy with Go-Mobile. All you have to do is open that website in Firefox and then click on the Go-Mobile icon in the toolbar. You can also choose the phone type from this toolbar icon. The available choices for phones are – Firefox on Android, Firefox OS, Android browser, Opera Mobile or iPhone 5.


When the mobile version of the sites open up, you can see a changed icon for Go-Mobile in the toolbar. You can click on this icon once again to turn off the mobile version and go back to the desktop version of sites.


Conclusion: Go-Mobile is a handy extension for Firefox to see how sites are working when accessed from different mobile devices and when your internet connection has gone very slow for some reason.

You can download and install Go-Mobile extension from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/go-mobile/.