Panda Task Killer : Terminate Background Apps in Android

If some app in your Android smart-phone has become unresponsive or is slowing down the whole device because it is taking up too many of the available system resources, then the only solution is to terminate the app so that all the resources it is consuming can be freed up. Once the app has been terminated, you can try re-launching it or you may remove it from your Android phone. Although Android does offer an easy way to end such apps through its Android settings screen, but it makes you go through multiple settings screen and is often not easy to find. Instead, you can use the Panda Task Killer to terminate misbehaving apps in your Android phone.

Panda Task Killer, now an integral part of Panda Antivirus & Security for Android, can help you kill those resource hungry tasks running in your Android device. It is accessible from within the free version of the Panda Antivirus & Security app. It displays a big list of all the apps running in your Android phone. You can terminate any of these apps by touching on the End Process button under the app’s name. After this you have to confirm by choosing Yes and only then the selected app is killed.

Panda Task Killer

The Panda Task Killer lists all types of apps running in your background. But you can customize the types of apps listed by the Task Killer. You can pull down the menu and sort the apps by name, CPU usage, memory usage and hide the system apps. In fact, you should choose the option to hide the system apps so as to avoid killing some essential or required apps necessary for Android to run. In case, you do end up killing some system apps, you will perhaps have to restart the Android device to make everything work normal once again.

Panda Task Killer

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