KillEmAll Terminates All Processes in Windows Instantly

There are times when so many programs start running on your system that it becomes unresponsive and slow. These programs do not have to be malicious in nature, for example, the web browser could start plug-ins, open dozens of windows and other processes that could overwhelm your system unexpectedly. Closing these windows or programs by clicking on the “X” button or through the Windows Task Manager is very tedious and painful. This is when you can use a freeware called KillEmAll that can instantly kill all the running processes in your Windows system (other than the ones needed to run the operating system, of course).

KillEmAll is a portable program and does not require installation of any kind other than the Visual Studio runtimes. Before you launch it, you should save all of your work because it is going to kill all the programs. But it does show a warning saying that all of your programs are going to be closed by force and unsaved work will be lost.


Clicking on the “OK” button on this warning message will instantly kill all the running programs, services and processes. Some of the essential known processes required for running the Windows operating system are not terminated. In addition, some of the protected processes like the ones belonging to antivirus and internet security software are not killed.


The KillEmAll window will display a list of all the programs it has managed to kill. From this window, you can add programs to a white-list (so that they are ignored when it kills the processes in future). You can also see a list of non-essential programs running on your system and kill only these non-essential programs. You can configure it to not display any warning before killing programs the next time it is launched.

Conclusion: KillEmAll can terminate all the programs instantly with or without warning. It can be useful for malware removal before you launch a malware scanner or for gamers who need every ounce of their system resources for playing the computer games.

You can download KillEmAll from