Ashampoo Droid Optimizer Boosts Android Performance

If your Android phone has become laggy, is almost always throwing up warnings about low battery charge warnings, takes a long time to launch apps, and complains about a lack of system memory, then you need Ashampoo Droid Optimizer installed in your phone. This small and free app can take care of all the problems that are responsible for making your phone sluggish and slow. It can remove junk files, close unnecessary background processes, free up disk space, remove internet history, improve battery life, protect your online privacy and more. It supports both the manual operation and one-touch automatic optimization for your devices.

It presents you with a simple interface that can be used to change the one-touch speed-up widget settings, clean up your phone from obsolete or junk files, manage the installed apps, and find out suspicious apps that could be given permissions to make phone calls or send text messages.

Ashampoo Droid Optimizer

If you do not want to open the Ashampoo Droid Optimizer app just to free up the RAM, close down some of the unnecessary apps and clean the cache then you can use the one-touch widget of the app instead. The widget is available in dark and light color schemes to suit all kinds of wallpapers and themes. If you touch the finger icon in the widget it will run the one-touch cleanup and free up the system resources. If you touch anywhere else on this widget to open the Droid Optimizer app.

Ashampoo Droid Optimizer

The Droid Optimizer app also comes with a night scheduling feature that can disable some of the battery wasting feature to improve the battery life. It can disable Wi-Fi, and mobile connectivity to conserve battery charge when you sleep. Of course, you can change the time when this feature is activated.

Conclusion: Ashampoo Droid Optimizer can improve your mobile phone’s overall stability, general performance and the battery life. However, it can automatically turn off the Wi-Fi or the mobile connectivity at night and that is something not everyone would want.

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  1. Stopping apps to release RAM works for a few minutes… It’s best to disable apps that aren’t used… Even services…

    Clearing cache is a way to free space… But it’s not recommended to use background running apps for that!

    Personally I use rooted phones to be able to remove apps I don’t need and disable apps from running.

    Uninstalling the regular Facebook app (and start using Facebook Lite or the web) and removing all bloat apps and unused games will have more impact on both free space and free RAM.

    1. You are absolutely right. I myself root the phones and remove some manufacturer installed bloatware. But I do it after 1 month so that I can return the phone under warranty if there is some hardware related problem.

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