Manage Tasks and Auto-starting Apps with ES Task Manager for Android

Sometimes there are some apps that keep showing notifications in your Android phone even if you do not want to pay attention to them at the moment. It could become very annoying if such apps are set to launch automatically after an event like when you install a new app or you connect to a WiFi network etc. Fortunately, you can use the ES Task Manager for Android to have the full control of all the apps and processes in your phone. This app not only works like a decent task manager, it can also help you manage the automatically starting apps in your phone.

ES Task Manager for Android shows up with the Optimizer screen which lets you kill all the apps, clean the cache, and optimize your phone for better performance. Just when you start thinking that it is a very nice app, you notice the menu and feel surprised to see even more features – task manager, cache cleaner, startup manager, power optimizer, app manager, SD card analyzer and more. So much is packed in such a small app. But before you get super excited and call your friends to tell about it, you should note that some of these features require root access.

ES Task Manager

The task manager included inside this app (or rather a system utilities bundle) shows you which of the entries is a service and which of them is a widget. This information could be useful before you pull up your shirt sleeves and kill a task. Another very useful feature is the startup manager that shows you all the apps, processes or services being launched at various triggers, for example, when an app is installed, when you receive an SMS message and so on. Obviously, you can choose to disable these tasks as you please, but the app itself (ES Task Manager) also gives some hints whether you should disable any one of them or not.

ES Task Manager

So if you are looking for a task manager app, get ES Task Manager instead which is much more than a simple task manager app. And if you have ES File Explorer installed in your phone, then ES Task Manager can easily integrate with it too.

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