Play Android Games on Windows PC with MEmu

Although there are many Android emulators available for Windows users to run Android OS from within Windows and test their apps or games, but most of them take too much memory and make the CPU beg for mercy. In these Android emulators, you can do nothing much other than check a few settings and test some apps. But MEmu stands apart from all the other Android emulators as it consumes very little of your system resources and allows you to play Android games right on the big screen of your Windows PC.

MEmu is based on Android KitKat 4.4 source code and gives a much higher performance compared to any other Android emulator. Unlike very popular Android emulator Bluestacks, MEmu does not hog all of your system resources, starts up quickly and comes with all the essential apps pre-installed.

Since MEmu’s performance depends on the hardware of your PC, it would work better on computers having latest GPU’s, at least 8 GB of RAM and quad-core processor with clock frequency close to 3 GHz. If your PC has even better hardware configuration, then you would get the best possible performance. But even on low end computers, you would not feel much lagging.

MEmu Android Emulator for Windows

MEmu allows installing of new apps from the internet the usual way. But if you have an APK file, then it can also install the apps or games through the APK file. There is a dedicated icon on the toolbar displayed to the left side of the MEmu window. You can click on this APK icon in the toolbar, select the APK file and it is installed right away.

If you need root for some applications or settings, then there is no worry – MEmu comes pre-rooted. You can check the root status of the MEmu using the Root Checker app.

MEmu is designed with games in the focus. It can make use of the AMD, nVidia or Intel based GPU systems and deliver very high performance when playing games. It comes pre-configured to make use of your keyboard and mouse instead of the touchscreen, so you will not find difficult to play the popular Android games on your PC. You can also switch the MEmu between windowed mode and the full-screen mode easily.

Conclusion: If you want to play action or racing games available only for Android on the large screen of your Windows PC, then MEmu can help you out. It is very high performance Android emulator for Windows PC that is designed specially for playing Android games on the big screen Windows computers.

You can download MEmu from

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