Auto-Switch Sound Profile with Smart Volume Controller for Android

How many times has it happened to you that you attend a meeting but forget to lower the volume of your phone and then later have to apologize when the phone starts to play the ringtone aloud? This can also happen in other places where you are supposed to switch off your phone or keep it on the vibrate mode. What if you could set your phone to automatically switch the sound profile depending on certain conditions. The free Smart Volume Controller does exactly that – it can change the volume level based on your location, time, day of the week, activity (outdoor or indoor), WiFi network, presence of Bluetooth devices and so on.

Smart Volume Controller allows you to create multiple profiles with different set of conditions that must be met before that profile is turned on. In order to create a profile, you can tap on the small circle with a plus sign inside it and then choose the volume level and all the other conditions to switch to this profile. You can choose location,  WiFi networks, Bluetooth devices, charging state, activities, day and time as your conditions.

Smart Volume Controller for Android

You can create as many of these profiles as you want, provided they use a different combinations of the conditions and different volume levels. After having created the profiles, the Smart Volume Controller will run in the background and switch to one or other of these profiles when the conditions are met. You no longer will have to do the profile switching manually.

Smart  Volume Controller is useful if you have lead a very busy life and have to many different places some of which do not allow audible disturbances emanating from mobile phones, e.g., libraries, school meetings, operas, theaters, meetings and so on.

Smart Volume Controller for Android

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