How to Type Faster with Voice-Typing in Google Docs

Computers have become such an integral part of our lives that our daily lives involve typing all the time – we type at home, we type at work and we have to type on our smart phones too. All this typing makes our fingers ache after some time. Thanks to Google, now you no longer have to type using a keyboard with your recherché fingers. Now you can type using Google Docs by dictating whatever you want to type using just a microphone and your lovely voice. In fact, I have decided to type out this article using just the voice-typing feature of Google Docs.

So what do you really need for successfully dictating and voice-typing something in Google Docs? You would require a PC with a microphone, Google Chrome web browser (yes, it works only in Chrome browser), internet connection and a quiet room.

When you have these all ready, first thing you would want to do is test your microphone and see if you can record any voice loud enough for the Google Docs and adjust your microphone settings if it is not loud enough or if there is some noise in the background. Then follow these instructions:

  1. Open Google Docs, login to your Google account if needed and open a new document.
  2. From the menubar of the Google Docs, select Tools → Voice typing.Google Docs Voice Typing
  3. You will be asked to give microphone access permission to Google Docs website. Proceed by allowing and giving the permission.
  4. A microphone icon would appear on the left side of the document editor area. In this small floating microphone icon, you can choose an input language and then click on the microphone to start dictating on your microphone.Google Docs Voice Typing
  5. As you speak into the microphone, Google converts it into text instantly. It works better if you speak clearly and a little slower. You can also format the text by speaking special phrases like “period”, “newline”, “comma”, “exclamation mark” and so on.Google Docs Voice Typing

You can even add a new table just by speaking “new table” into your microphone. Further editing of the tables like inserting rows and columns or deleting them is also possible. For more information about voice typing in Google Docs, you can visit