Identify That Song with Sony TrackID for Android

It happens all the time that you listen to a cool song but only partially and it gets stuck in your head for one or two days. You keep asking everyone about that song, what the title is or about the musicians by trying to hum the song or making a futile attempt at singing the song but get no fruitful results. And searching on the internet just confuses you more. For these situations, you can use the Sony TrackID app for Android. You can make the app listen to any song partially and it will tell you the everything about it in seconds.

Sony TrackID app is perhaps the best friend for all the song lovers. It makes identifying a song as easy as tapping on your phone screen a couple of times. All you have to do is launch the Sony TrackID app on your Android phone, tap on the magnifying glass icon to make it listen to the song being played on the radio or somewhere else and almost instantly the song title, singer, band, album, everything appears on your screen. You should note that it does not work if you try to sing the song yourself or try to hum it.

Sony TrackID for Android

You can use this information in a variety of ways – you can search for this song on youtube, buy the album from one of the online shopping sites, share the information over your social networks, search for the song lyrics on the internet and so on. All these functions are available from within the Sony TrackID app so you do not have to manually launch any of the browser apps.

Conclusion: Sony TrackID is the song sleuth for all the music lovers. It can identify any song being played around you on the radio, in parties, in the public places, in other people’s phones and so on.

You can get the Sony TrackID app for Android from

Update (April 2018): Sony TrackID has been discontinued. Sony is now suggesting Shazam Lite instead.