Smart Thermometer Displays Temperature in Android Without Thermal Sensor

Android mobile devices today come with many different sensors that add to the basic functionality of the device. For example, proximity sensor detects if something is very close to the device, the accelerometer sensor determines the orientation of the device, the light sensor finds the brightness of the ambient light, the gravity sensor calculates the influence of Earth’s gravity on the device, the thermal sensor finds the temperature surrounding the device, the magnetic sensor calculates the magnetic field around the device and so on. But not all these sensors are available in all the devices. Even the Samsung Galaxy devices that are considered one of the best Android mobile phones do not come with all the possible sensors.

You can find out which of the sensors your device has using the CPU-Z app for Android. If it does not show any temperature or thermal sensor under the Sensors tab, then your device cannot find the ambient temperature. But even then, you can see the temperature for you location in your device using the Smart Thermometer app.

This Smart Thermometer app can display the temperature at your location by finding your GPS location and then fetching the weather data from the internet. The temperature of your location is then displayed in the Android’s notification bar.

Smart Thermometer

In addition to the temperature, it also displays the humidity and the air pressure in your area. You can change the units of the temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit) and pressure (mm of mercury, inches of mercury or Pascals).

So if your Android mobile phone does not have a temperature sensor like some of your friends’ devices, you can still make it display the temperature in the notification bar using a free app called Smart Thermometer.

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