Make New Tabs Open with Colorful Palette Color Tab for Chrome

Those of you who have to work with graphics designing or web designing in everyday life know how difficult it is to be a creative thinker and come up with new color exciting color combinations for new designs. But when you have to do it every single day, your imagination soon runs out of new ideas and you experience what they call a designer’s block. You need some inspiration or suggestion to have a bunch of color combinations up your sleeve to be availed when you need them. The new Chrome extension called Color Tab can perhaps do this job for you.

This Color Tab extension opens up new tabs with a combination of four randomly picked colors. If you like a color or color combination, then you can hover your mouse cursor over these colors and it will display the hex color code for that color which you can then use in any graphics application like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw or GIMP etc. And if you do not like the color combination, then you have to click on the colors and it will show you a new color combination altogether.

Color Tab for Chrome

If you are into graphics designing of any kind then you are going to love this extension as it presents you with really nice color combinations. You no longer have to scourge through the pages of a magazine or walk around the town for the inspiration of colors for your new design. You can get them at the click of a button right inside your Chrome web browser.

You can get the Color Tab extension for Chrome from