WinAES is Portable Encryption Utility for Windows

Everyone has some personal pictures, videos or some other documents that they do not want others to see or access. Talking with the experience of the recent Apple iCloud fiasco that resulted in leaking of private pictures of many celebrities, there is no point trusting third party cloud services that promise security. You have to take matters into your hand and encrypt everything locally before uploading them to the cloud services. You cannot encrypt every single file as it makes it a little bit unpractical, but you should encrypt some of the very sensitive documents, pictures or videos. This makes sure that even if some hackers break into the cloud storage services, they will get their hands only on encrypted files.

The freeware WinAES is the ideal choice for encrypting your sensitive files. Although the name of the software includes AES, the utility offers both AES and Camellia ciphers for file encryption. In addition it  comes with file hashing tools that can use algorithms like MD5, SHA1, SHA2 and SHA3 for calculating file hashes.


If you want to encrypt the files, then you have to first add the files under the AES256/Camellia256 tab, choose one of the ciphers (AES or Camellia), enter in a password for encryption and click on the Encrypt button. For decryption, you have to just select the Decrypt checkbox first. There are also options to securely erase the original files after the encryption or decryption is over.


Under the Security Tools tab, you can find the password generation tools that allow you to create random passwords of any length and containing custom sets of characters, securely erase files or encode/decode Base64 strings. If you are interested in very portable small password generator, then you can try our own Password Generator tool called PassGen.

You can download WinAES from