Share Files Across Multiple Devices Over WiFi with Filedrop

Earlier when I had to copy files from one PC to another, I used to make use of a high capacity USB flash disk. I would first copy the files from one PC onto the USB flash disk, then attach the flash disk to the second PC and copy the files over to that PC. This is a pretty decent solution for copying files across multiple devices, but it is cumbersome and time consuming. The time taken in copying the files this way depends on the USB flash disk itself – some of them give USB 1.1 data transfer speeds and might take many hours to copy few GB’s of data.

But if you have any kind of wireless router installed in your home or office then instead of using the USB flash disks, you can transfer all the files over the WiFi network much faster and more efficiently across a large number of devices using the Filedrop app.


The Filedrop app is available for multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Android and Apple iPhone. After installing the Filedrop app in any of your devices, you can launch it and it will scan your WiFi network for the presence of any other devices running Filedrop. For this to work, all the devices must be connected to the same WiFi network.


After a device is detected, all you have to do is drag and drop the file over the Filedrop window. In case of the Android devices, you can  select the upload function and choose the files to share. These files are then sent over the target devices over the wireless network. This way you can send huge files instantly and at very fast transfer data rates.

Conclusion: Filedrop is a very practical app for aiding you in the transfer of large files across multiple devices. The data transfer rate depends on the WiFi router capacity but in any case is considerable faster than any of the traditional methods.

You can download Filedrop app from