How to Encrypt & Hide Files in Android with File Commander

Everyone has one or more files that they want to keep for their own eyes – it could be pictures of loved ones, videos of private nature or some sensitive financial documents. Whatever it is, you can quickly and easily encrypt and hide your sensitive files using the File Commander app in Android. The File Commander app is just like any other file manager or file explorer apps, but it has an extra security feature – ability to encrypt the files and make them invisible.

The File Commander offers a special Secure Mode. In this mode, File Commander all the file operations are performed securely which means that if you save, edit or copy the files they will be automatically encrypted. In order to access this Secure Mode, you can launch the File Commander app and then select Secure Mode from the menu.

The first time you switch to the secure mode, it will ask you for setting up the passphrase that will be used to encrypt the files. Later if you switch to the secure mode, you will have to enter this password before you can proceed. This is why it is vital to use a strong but easy to remember password for this purpose. You can use our PassGen tool to generate passwords for yourself.

File Commander for Android

Once inside the secure mode, you can save, copy or delete the files. All these file operations would be secure – meaning that all the operations will be encrypted. Furthermore, all the files created or copied inside the secure mode will be visible only from inside the File Commander through the secure mode. They won’t be visible through any other app or when not using the secure mode.

When using the Secure Mode, File Commander shows a red colored ribbon on the top indicating that you are inside the secure mode. While this is very useful feature, but you may not want this when there are nosy people around trying to look at your smartphone over the shoulder.

File Commander for Android

Fortunately, you can easily disable the secure mode ribbon from the File Commander settings. You can select the Settings from the menu and then uncheck the option labeled Show ribbon in Secure Mode. Now you won’t see the ribbon anymore.

Conclusion: File Commander can be used to encrypt your files in the Android smartphone. The encrypted files are also made invisible outside the File Commander app.

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  1. A while ago they replaced secure mode with Vault and all the previously secured files are not accessible anymore!
    Rubbish :((

  2. So I encrypted a bunch of files, then forgot the passphrase and had to delete the app data and start over with a different passphrase.. But note there is a gig of hidden files that I can’t access on my phone, Z not can I delete the files from my phone.. How do rid my phone of the old hidden files wasted storage space if I don’t have the passphrase???

  3. Hi
    If i encrypted some files on sd card and i want to access them on another phone using file Commander app
    Will it ask for my password that i entered on the other phone ? Or the files won’t be accessable at all ?
    And what if i did a factory reset and all data on internet storage deleted
    How can i access my files using file Commander

  4. I’m confused about secure mode with file commander. Can I see a list of the secure files someplace on the phone? Now I don’t know how to unsecure them if I no longer want to have to use a code

    1. When you enter secure mode, a “secured files” tab appears. Select it, then select where your hidden file or folder is (phone or sd).

      If you want to remove a file from secure, press and hold the file, hit the menu in the top right corner, and select “unsecure”.

      If you did an entire folder and want to unsecure it, browse to it normally, long-hold the folder, add unsecure it.

      1. Can we used that incrypt files on our personal computer without any issue’s or this file….?

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