Download and Enjoy Retro Game Amiga Racer 3.0 for Free

Amiga Racer 3.0 is a new version of the retro racing game released by AmigaTec Inc. This is an ongoing effort to introduce the newer generations to the unimaginable joys of playing the racing games on your own Amiga gaming consoles. Before people learned about the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series of computer games and even before the times when every PC owner wanted a copy of the Need for Speed series, Amiga Lotus racing games were a matter of pride for all the Amiga Commodore owners.

AmigaTec wants to keep the magic alive by the continuous development of the games of the same original retro flavor and this is why they have made Amiga Racer 3.0a available to everyone for free. Amiga Racer 3.0 can be downloaded and played on a number of platforms – Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspbian and Amiga OS.

Amiga Racer 3.0

As far as Windows is concerned, there is nothing easier than downloading and playing the Amiga Racer 3.0 on a lazy afternoon. The program is intentionally designed to be portable keeping in tradition with the older times when only Windows OS needed to be installed. So just unpack the downloaded archive and launch the AmigaRacer.exe file.

Amiga Racer 3.0

In the unregistered version, you are given only two tracks and some of the features like building your own track etc., are not available. In order to register, you have to make a donation of any amount to AmigaTec and they will send a key-file for unlocking all the features and tracks.

Amiga Racer 3.0

The game starts in windowed mode by default but you can press the F key on your keyboard to switch to the full-screen mode. The rest of the controls are very commonly used keys – arrow keys for the steering and the Enter key for making selections in the game menu.

Amiga Racer 3.0

If you have ever played retro racing games before, then you will feel the adrenaline rush once again especially when the music starts during the game play. I asked my uncle, who still treasures his non-functional Amiga Commodore, to check this game out and he felt so happy that tears came in his eyes.

You can download the Amiga Racer game from

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