Who Stalks My Cam Helps Prevent Webcam Spying

Now that all notebook computers come equipped with high-resolution cameras (webcams), the unauthorized webcam spying has also become a common-place incidence. Any potential hacker can trick you into installing RAT (remote access trojan) on your PC either through social engineering tricks, through malware infection or some other obscure method. And once the RAT is working on your system, they can easily control your web cam as and when they please.

Previously, many TV news channels have reported how some hackers have spied on some young ladies and even have recorded their private or very personal moments in videos. If you do not want to fall victim to such webcam spying, then you will have to be a little alert about the processes that are using your web cam. The free software Who Stalks My Cam can help you do just that.

Who Stalks My Cam

As soon as a program or process accesses your web cam, this application will display a toast notification to the fact – telling you about the webcam name, the process name and also giving you options to close the web cam or the process.

You can open the main “Who Stalks My Cam” window to see the webcam related events which show you which of your webcams were used by which of the processes and when. You can also see the status of the webcams – active or ended. If you see anything suspicious then you should close down the process accessing the webcam and scan your PC for malware.

Who Stalks My Cam

You can also add protection to webcams using the security policies through “Who Stalks My Cam”. You can choose to close the webcam automatically if a background process tries to access it, when the computer is idle, or when an unidentified process attempts to access it.

Who Stalks My Cam

Who Stalks My Cam utility can be very useful when you are suspicious that you are being spied on through your webcam. It can auto-close suspicious attempts to access the webcam, but if you are still paranoid then you can just paste a thick black tape over the webcam lens to prevent spying.

You can download the “Who Stalks My Cam” utility from https://www.phrozensoft.com/2015/11/who-stalks-my-cam-8.