Remove or Replace Picture Backgrounds Using PhotoScissors

With the advent of high resolution built-in camera in mobile phones, now suddenly everyone has become a photographer. People are walking around snapping more pictures then any other time in the history of human kind. They take the pictures and then upload them on Instagram, facebook, twitter and what not, but not all of them done professionally. Some are taken from a bad angle, while others are not well thought out and include a seedy background. Usually in order to remove or replace the backgrounds of such images, you need a powerful image editor like GIMP or Photoshop not to mention the ability and experience of using them.

But not everyone knows how to use GIMP or Photoshop properly. If you are not adept in using GIMP or Photoshop even then you can remove or replace the picture backgrounds easily with the help of PhotoScissors software. PhotoScissors can be used even by novice computer users and it does not take any time or expertise to start using it.


If you want to remove the background of an image, then you can load image and then use the green brush over the areas that you want to keep and the red brush over the regions that you want to remove. In a few strokes, your job is done. Of course, the tool works better if the background is even throughout.

If you want to replace the background, then you have to first remove the background and then switch to the Background tab on the right-side of the PhotoScissors window. Here you can choose an image, its aspect ratio and an effect to be used for the background of your picture. As soon as you choose an image, you can see the preview in the PhotoScissors window.


Conclusion: PhotoScissors is excellent tool for removing or replacing picture backgrounds. However it is not free and does not allow saving of the images unless you supply a valid serial number.

You can download PhotoScissors from