Abelssoft Active Protect Alerts About Malicious Downloads

We all know about the popular VirusTotal online service that allows anyone to scan a suspicious file using more than fifty different anti-virus engines with their respective latest virus definitions. They also offer a Windows tool called VirusTotal Uploader that adds a right-click context-menu item in Windows File Explorer making it very easy to upload any file from your PC to VirusTotal servers and have them scanned for malware. There is also a third party tool called PhrozenSoft VirusTotal Uploader that offers many advanced features for utilizing the VirusTotal services.

But all these tools are designed to be operated manually – that is, you have to select a file and then upload it to VirusTotal. If you want things to be a little faster and more automatic, then you can try your hands at Abelssoft Active Protect software. While it is not clear whether they use VirusTotal API, but they claim to automatically scan all the downloaded files in your PC against 50+ antivirus engines on their servers. They could have been using OPSWAT MetaDefender, but they do not mention anything about it.

Abelssoft Active Protect

The way Abelssoft Active Protect works is that it monitors the default download folder and the Windows Desktop for any new files. As soon as new files appear in the folder, it scans them for malware and shows an alert if a malicious file is detected. You can change the location of this download folder as well as the desktop folder, but the default settings work for most of the people.

Abelssoft Active Protect

While the free version watches out for the new files in only two folders (download folder and the desktop folder), the paid version allows monitoring of as many as 10 different folders. In addition the paid version also includes something called Crowd Live Updates which facilitates new malware detection.

You can download Abelssoft Active Protect from https://www.abelssoft.de/en/windows/Security-Privacy/ActiveProtect.