Avast Battery Saver Makes Android Battery Last Longer

Unlike the iPhone, Android smartphones come in a wide variety of hardware configurations. Different manufacturers choose different hardware components to design their smartphones. And sometimes they compromise on the battery capacity to keep the phone’s price in the affordable range. Such phones are okay in all other respects only they run out of battery charge every now and then. If you have an Android phone with 2000 mAh battery capacity or less, then you should install the Avast Battery Saver app in your phone to make it last longer. According to the Avast resources, this app can make the battery work 20% more than the usual time on average.

In the app interface, Avast Battery Saver displays a convenient way of closing down all the apps that are running in the background and are consuming your battery juice little by little. All the apps that are draining more than 1% of your battery juice are selected for a quick termination. You can just tap on “Stop Running Apps” button to terminate these apps. You are shown a list of all of these apps before the Avast Battery Saver kills them.

Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery Saver saves battery consumption by switching  your mobile phone into different profiles. It uses five profiles – Work, Home, Night, Smart and Emergency. If you do not choose a profile manually for your phone, then it automatically chooses the Smart profile which efficiently manages the battery consumption for your phone. You can even customize these profiles and choose different configurations used by these profiles like the screen brightness, WiFi, screen timeout, screen rotation, vibrations and more.

Avast Battery Saver

In the settings for the Avast Battery Saver app, you can choose whether you want it to display a notification area icon. This notification can be about the charge status of your phone’s battery, can display alerts when battery has been drained below 10% of its full capacity, which profile is being used and how many apps are draining the battery. It is useful notification and default settings suffice for the most users.

Avast Battery Saver

Conclusion: Avast Battery Saver is an advanced Android app for preventing unnecessary battery drainage due to background apps. It can improve phone’s performance and make the battery last as much as 20% longer than before.

You can get the Avast Battery Saver app for Android from https://www.avast.com/battery-saver.