SpywareBlaster : Free Spyware Protection for Windows PC

SpywareBlaster is a new security software for Windows computers that promises to defend your PC against the spyware. It enables the protection for all the installed web browsers, adds entries to the Windows HOSTS file, blocks Adobe Flash and does many more things to shield you from possible spyware. It is a spyware signature based security solution and can detect thousands of spyware programs. Since the most common way spyware programs attack Internet Explorer is through the ActiveX controls, SpywareBlaster also blocks known ActiveX controls thereby preventing their installation in future.

During the setup, SpywareBlaster installs protections for the various web browsers that you have installed in your PC. It supports all the popular web browser like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, SeaMonkey and so on. It also adds some entries to the Windows HOSTS file so that all the known bad sites get blocked. From the main SpywareBlaster window, you can manage the browser protection and HOSTS file entries.


SpywareBlaster comes with its own version of System Restore that allows you to create system snapshots of your PC’s current state. This helps you preserve a snapshot of important settings of your system, so that in the case of malware infection, you can easily restore the system settings to their original state. The snapshot saves both the browser related settings as well as some of the Windows operating system related settings.


The tools that SpywareBlaster offers allow you to easily manage Internet Explorer page settings, create an encrypted backup of the HOSTS file, completely disable Adobe Flash in all webpages, custom block some of the ActiveX components, and change some of the miscellaneous Internet Explorer settings.


While not an all around security software, SpywareBlaster does offer some level of protection from known spyware programs. Since it does not provide protection from all the malware, you should use it along with your main antivirus products.

You can download SpywareBlaster from http://www.brightfort.com/.