Battery Mode Enhances Battery Status Notification in Windows

If you have a laptop or notebook computer running on any of the newer versions of the Windows operating system, then you know how it displays the battery status icon in the notification area. This battery status icon is very useful as it lets you know of the current charge status of the computer’s battery and also alerts you if the battery is drained to a very low level. If you have configured Windows to auto-shutdown on a low charge level, then it can automatically close all the programs and perform a safe and automatic shutdown of Windows.

While this battery status icon supplied by Microsoft is very useful in itself, it could be made a little more useful through the use of a third party software called Battery Mode. This application completely replaces the native battery status icon with an enhanced version of its own. Unlike the native battery status, Battery Mode displays a full list of power schemes if you click on its notification area icon.

Battery Mode

Apart from controlling the brightness of the main or primary display screen of your notebook, the Battery Mode also allows you to control the screen brightness of any connected monitors through the HDMI or VGA ports usually available at the back panel of the notebook computers. This is useful as you can quickly reduce the screen brightness of any of the connected monitors and make battery last a little longer. You can also control the adaptive screen brightness for the monitor if your device supports it.

Battery Mode

If you right-click on the Battery Mode notification area icon, you will see many more options and features like scheduler, icons style, power schemes, automatic updates, screen brightness, hotkeys and more. The hotkeys can be used to switch from one power scheme to another. It uses default Alt+Pause hotkey for switching the power schemes, but you can define your own.

You can download Battery Mode from