Glarysoft Malware Hunter Detects and Removes Malware from PC

Glarysoft Malware Hunter is a relatively new security solution that claims to detect and remove malicious programs and other threats from your Windows PC. It has both an on-demand scanner which is useful for regular PC scans and a resident scanner that continuously monitors running processes for suspicious activities. It also has a module that protects the privacy of users as they install and use various applications or when they browse different websites in their web browsers.

Malware Hunter presents an interface with three on-demand scanning options – quick scan, full scan and custom scan. This is very common interface in many anti-malware utilities. The quick scan provides a vert fast scan of your system but scans only critical areas. The full scan scans every nook and corner of your PC and leaves nothing un-scanned. This is why full scan is recommended when the first time you launch Malware Hunter in order to make sure that no malicious files remain on your PC. The custom scan is something you can tailor to your needs.

Malware Hunter

In the settings, you can choose if you want a right-click Windows File Explorer integration, whether you want to scan the compressed files (for example, ZIP archives), enable or disable automatic updates, toggle real-time scanning of processes and more. You can also add files or folders to white list or the block lists. The items added to a white list are assumed to be clean and are not scanned, while the block-listed items are automatically blocked and removed.

Malware Hunter

While this security solution is still a new comer, Malware Hunter does offer some potential and can be used as your mainstream malware protection software. However, you can improve your defense against malware if you use Malware Hunter in conjunction with other on-demand security tools like SUPER AntiSpyware, IObit Malware Fighter or ESET Online Scanner.

You can download Glarysoft Malware Hunter from


  1. I have been using Malwarebytes for 6 years or so now and thought I would try this to see if Glary found anything. I said it found 14 items that Malwarebytes didn’t. I let the program clean the issues and once I restarted my laptop after it was complete it loaded and crashed my system with the blue screen of death. Luckly I always keep my files backed up on a flash drive so I didn’t lose anything. Just becareful people. If a program is working for you just stick with it. No need to take the chance and regret it later. 🙁

  2. Glarysoft Malware Hunter..terrible software showing false warnings.Luckly i did virustotal check for each filesand skipped the scan results .otherwise it would have deleted some files from system32 folder which inturn would have left my windows unstable or corrupted..useless and dangerous app for noobies.

  3. Works fantastic better than Malwarebyte’s because it got rid of things left behind that Malwarebyte’s could not get rid of now my laptop runs great and saved me time on reformatting it (again)
    Picked up this program from giveawayoftheday 1 licence works on 3 computers
    I used a couple e mail addresses to get new codes and got the installer from Glarysoft Malware Hunter site.
    Got it on all my computers now good for 1 year
    This is not a fake program and the cleanup option works real good
    After a year I will be buying this program for all my computers.
    I am a computer builder and have been since 1995 and have never seen a better cleaner.
    PsyintZ sorry but i disagree with you not all free programs work on getting rid of things I actually don’t even think you tried it.

    1. No, you’re right. I didn’t try it. Because every single review I have read on it thus far has said it’s just a clone of 360 TD’s GUI with BitDefender’s engine. And I’m not just talking about a couple of reviews, I’m talking about the majority of reviews that come up in a search query. To be honest, I have been waiting to see a review like yours that suggests there is actually good reason to give it a shot. These apps are a dime-a-dozen. If I sampled each and every new piece of software in hopes that it out-performs the last one, I wouldn’t have any time left to do anything. Hence the reason I made the comment I did, with the intention of waiting it out and hearing what other’s may have experienced with the program.

      So, with that said, I appreciate you taking the time to provide a solid review. If I can get a free key, I might as well take your word for it and give it a shot. If you honestly think it’s better than MBAM, or at least on par with it – then I really don’t have much to lose. Thanks again, Dan. Take care bud.

      Fellow Geek,

    2. I agree with Dan. I recently purchased Malware Hunter and thought I would try it. I have been using Malwarebytes pro for 4 years now. I am a music composer and noticed that it runs slower at times. I always got a clean scan with Malware bytes. I ran malware hunter and it found about 19 items that Malwarebytes did not. I verified each and every one of the items it flagged to make sure I was not deleting anything related to a program. It really is a great small investment, I am glad I purchased it. I tend to clone ssd drives of my c drive , just in case something does happen. Computer fires up faster and no issues.

  4. Or, just simply get Malwarebyte’s and be done with it. Everybody knows that.

    Until Glary can provide a logical reason to download this over MBAM, I see no point whatsoever.

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