Quickly Clean App Caches in Android with 1Tap Cleaner

As you start using various apps in Android, these apps start to store some data on your SD card called the app cache. This app cache contains some of the information about how the app is to be used, downloaded files used by the app, the app settings, sign-in credentials and more. But if this app cache grows very large then it not only slows down that app but the android device as a whole too. Imagine what will happen if you have dozens of apps with huge app caches of their own – it would be a disaster.

This is where the 1Tap Cleaner app for Android comes in. This app, as the name suggests, offers easy and quick riddance of app caches build up on your device and all the associated problems that these app caches could be causing. In some of the cases, this also solves the problem related to apps crashing as soon as they are launched.

1Tap Cleaner for Android

1Tap Cleaner shows up an interface where you can choose to clean the app cache, usage history, junk files on the SD card, usage history for phone calls or text messages and the default app associations. You can also choose to clear all of these in a single tap by touching on the Clear All icon.

In addition, it also displays the storage capacity usage broken down into internal storage, external storage and both of them put together. You can tap on any of these to see how the space is being used up and if you can free up any space.

1Tap Cleaner for Android

In the 1Tap Cleaner settings, you can choose how the cache is cleaned, whether you want to see a notification when the app cache goes above 1 megabytes, whether the cache should be cleaned upon boot automatically and more.

You can download 1Tap Cleaner app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.a0soft.gphone.acc.free&hl=en.