Search for Free WiFi Access Points with Avast Wi-Fi Finder

When your 3G/4G data packs expire, you are left with no internet access all of a sudden. And then you start looking for a restaurant or cafe that offers free WiFi access. But the thing is, when you really need those free WiFi access places, you do not seem to find them anywhere. On the other hand, when you do not really need them, you can spot them almost anywhere. This is why you need the help of a specialist to locate these WiFi access points. The free Android/iPhone app Avast Wi-Fi Finder can help you locate you free access WiFi access points near you in a matter of seconds.

Avast Wi-Fi Finder uses the location service to pin-point your geographic location and then list all the available WiFi access points in that area. The location service uses GPS satellites, so it can work without the internet access. In the list of WiFi access points, it displays the currently connected WiFi network, the nearby WiFi networks (detected by their WiFi signals) and the free access WiFi hot-spots fetched from the Avast database. It shows the distance and location of each of these WiFi access points, so that you can easily locate them.

Avast WiFi Finder

If you do not want to manually search for these available WiFi networks, then you can choose the Easy Connect option from the app settings. This option makes your phone automatically connect to the nearby available WiFi network that is closest to you and requires no password. But you should be aware that some of these networks could be unsafe for sensitive activities like online banking, payment of bills using credit card etc.

Avast WiFi Finder

Normally, Avast Wi-Fi Finder fetches the database of available access points in your area through the internet using a little bit of the 3G/4G networks. This does cost some money but not much. But what if you are in a place without mobile signals or if you have zero balance in your prepaid mobile account? For this situation, Avast Wi-Fi Finder offers the offline mode. Using the offline mode, you can download the database of all the access points in your country and use it in the offline mode.

Avast WiFi Finder

Verdict: Avast Wi-Fi Finder makes things easy when you are outside and looking for a free access WiFi network. This app is a must for all the tourists and travelers as they can easily find the places with free WiFi access points.

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