Generate Fake WhatsApp Messages with WhatsApp Chat Generator

WhatsApp is one of those apps that come pre-installed on many of the smartphones. It uses your mobile number to create your account and then you can use it as any standard instant messenger client. You can send/receive messages, texts, images and videos using WhatsApp. After WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, it also allows you to call all of your contacts via WhatsApp using the internet whether it is WiFi network or if you are using the data plan.

If you want to pull pranks on your friends, then you can create fake WhatsApp messages in form of an iPhone screenshot. This is done using a web app called Fake WhatsApp Generator and the resulting picture looks as if you have taken a screenshot of your iPhone with WhatsApp messages being shown.

To start with you have to visit the Fake WhatsApp Generator web page and then select phone, battery and connection options. You can enter details like your WhatsApp name, mobile network operator, profile picture, phone clock time, battery percentage, WiFi or 3G/4G connection types and so on.

Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator

After this, you can start adding messages to the WhatsApp chat. You can add pictures to your messages, change the color of messages to grey or green, time-stamp of the messages, the message status (read, sent, delivered or none) while adding the messages. You can also delete the messages that you have already added to the conversation.

Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator

Once your fake WhatsApp chat is ready, you can scroll down the webpage and click on the Download button. This opens the fake chat screenshot image in a new tab of the web browser and you can save this PNG image to anywhere you like.

Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator

Its up to you what you do with such a fake WhatsApp image. You can share something funny created using the fake WhatsApp chat generator on your social network pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator

You can visit Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator from


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