SaMotion Helps Arrange and Manage Your Tasks

When there is too much happening in your life whether it is the work life or the personal life, you tend to forget things much more often than you can imagine. I personally keep a small diary with me to write down all the tasks and things that I have do in a day – buying groceries, meetings friends, business appointments, visiting dentist, getting things fixed, and so on. One look at the diary, and I know what things I still have to do. The free software SaMotion is not much different from keeping a task reminder diary as it also helps arranging and managing your everyday tasks in an efficient manner.

SaMotion is a personal task manager that can neatly arrange and order your tasks so that you can focus at one task at a time without worrying about the rest of the things that you have not finished yet, or trying to redo the things that you have already completed.

SaMotion is a portable program and so qualifies for your USB pen-drive app collection. After launching the SaMotion program, you have to add a category and then add tasks to that category. For example, I write articles so a good category name would be “Write Articles” and then I can add the articles-yet-to-be-written as the new tasks under this category. You have to check the tasks as you complete them so you know which tasks have been completed and which of them remain.


SaMotion can be docked on your Windows PC screen so that you do not forget all the tasks you have to finish. You can dock it to the left edge or the right edge of the screen, overlay other windows, change theme to dark or light, and show a window outline.


If the number of the tasks to be completed span across many days, then it is a good idea to save the current state of SaMotion in form of an SM file (SaMotion project files). You can also export all the listed tasks in form of a PDF file. It supports Blowfish 448 bit encryption for the SM project files and the PDF files can also be password protected.


Conclusion: SaMotion is a small and smart tasks manager that can help you arrange your daily tasks in a neat order so that you do not forget the things you must finish in a day. You can save and load the SaveMotion files to save the list of tasks across multiple sessions.

You can download SaMotion from