How to Check Euro 2016 Scores on Your Smartphone

Euro 2016 fever is on. Everywhere you go you find people having their faces painted with the flags of their favorite teams and having their hair cut to show support for the team they hope would win. Markets are filled with sports jerseys, posters, hats, foam hands, football rattles and other sports paraphernalia for the fans. Newspapers are publishing crazy and crazier pictures of fans every single day. And yet, you have to go to work and perform your mundane job duties.

A decade ago the only way you could stay connected to the Euro events was through a portable radio or TV while still keeping your job. But now you can use the free All Goals : Euro 2016 Scores app to keep in touch with the latest scores of all the matches on your smart phone.

The app shows you a list of Euro as well as other soccer matches worldwide. The matches are listed day wise, so you can see the past matches as well as the matched yet to be played. You can tap on any of these matches to see their details.

All Goals : Euro 2016 Scores

In the details, you can see the chronological list of events, for example, at what time who scored the goal, who was shown yellow card etc. Along with this, you can also see the statistics, lineups, videos, standing and playoffs. There is also a chat section where you can chat about the match with other people.

The match videos are basically match highlights and do not show you the full length matches. All the videos are shown through the online video streaming site Dailymotion along with a disclaimer that the videos are not hosted by the app developers.

Conclusion: If you cannot find any free time to enjoy Euro matches, then the free app All Goals : Euro 2016 Scores can keep you informed about the latest happenings and you can even watch some of the match highlights. The app can also be used to check the matches schedule, so you do not miss the matches of your favorite teams.

You can get the All Goals : Euro 2016 Scores app for Android from