How to Check Pokémon Go Server Status Easily

The new augmented reality game, Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm in only a few weeks. Everywhere you go, people are walking around like zombies looking for those virtual Pokémons creatures, trying to capture them, and train them. But with millions of people worldwide trying to enjoy the Pokémon Go game, the Pokémon Go game servers have started to show signs of crumbling under the pressure. In many places these servers have gone offline for hours leaving the gamers clueless to why the game is not working. Unbeknownst to the server outages, some people are blaming their older smartphones while others are cursing their slow internet connections.

But it is very easy to know your regional Pokémon Go server status at any moment using two different web apps. There are smartphone apps too for this, but they are loaded with unnecessary ads making it a very annoying experience to use them even for a few seconds. Here are two web apps that can tell you the Pokémon Go servers status:

1. Is Pokemon Go Down or Not (
This site is designed by some software engineers who are also fans of the Pokémon Go game. As soon as this site loads in your web browser, you can see the Pokémon Go data server status (this is used once your are logged in), the Login server status (only used for signing in to your Pokémon Go account), server latency (time the server is taking to respond – the shorter the better), and also a history of the uptime status of these servers. Its another story that this site itself takes very long to load.

Pokemon Go Server Status

2. Pokémon Go Server Status (
This Pokémon Go server status web app is very straightforward. It just shows the latency times for all the regional servers located across the world. If the servers are not responding to the ping request or the latency is more than a few minutes, then those servers are taken as overloaded or down. You have no options but to wait for the servers to come back online.

Pokemon Go Server Status

In case, your Pokémon Go game is not working as expected or you are having trouble signing in to your Pokémon Go account, then you should first check the Pokémon Go servers status for your area. If the servers are down, then it is better to wait for a couple of hours and then check the status again before trying to play the Pokémon Go game once more.