How to Save Videos for Offline Watching in Facebook App

A few decades ago, the first thing people used to do in the morning was look for the fresh edition of the daily newspaper on their doorsteps. But now they pick up their smartphones and check Facebook for any latest messages and posts. Believe it or not, Facebook has become a part of our lives. If you meet someone new they often ask for your Facebook user name or just search you there using your name and send you a friend request. And to keep users tuned in, Facebook developers also keep adding new features to their smartphone apps.

Recently, they have added a feature that lets you save the videos locally on your smartphone for watching them later. This is similar to the feature available for the official Youtube app that allows you to watch the Youtube videos offline without any sort of internet connection.

Saving the Facebook videos for offline watching is very easy. Here is how you can do this in just a few simple steps:

  1. In the Facebook app for Android (or iPhone), open a post with video content.
  2. Tap once on the video to make all the options appear and then tap on the vertical ellipses under the video.Facebook Save Video Offline
  3. Now you can tap on the option to Save Video under the video frame. You will see a notification when the video is finally saved to your smartphone.
  4. Whenever you want to watch one of these videos, you can tap on the hamburger icon in the Facebook app and then choose the Saved from the list of various favorites. This will open a list of all the saved videos. You can just tap on a video to start watching it.Facebook Save Video Offline

Conclusion: The feature to save Facebook videos locally on your smartphone is great for saving really interesting videos for watching later or for showing them to your friends without having to look for them on Facebook.

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