Autorun Organizer : Startup Manager for Windows with Antivirus Scan

More and more applications put themselves on the auto-start when you install them in Windows. So after you have done installing all of your favorite software in Windows, you have at least a dozen applications set to automatically start at the boot time. These applications not only take a portion of the system resources but also make the booting process a little bit slower. Because of this your Windows PC could become even unresponsive during the start up. If you want to improve the start up process of your Windows PC, then you can use the free Autorun Organizer program.

Autorun Organizer is a free tool to manage the auto-running programs in the Windows PC. Using this program, you can monitor and manage all the applications that start with Windows. It can be used to disable or remove the auto-starting program entries in Windows. Moreover it can also delay these auto-starting programs at the Windows boot. For example, you can make an auto-running app to load 1 minute later, which might help in the system performance at the boot time.

The software comes with VirusTotal feature built inside it. It can scan all the auto-run entries using the VirusTotal online antivirus scan and find out if there is a malicious program configured to be loaded at Windows startup.

Autorun Organizer

To delay an application, you can select it from the list of all the auto-startup apps and click on the Delay load for 30 seconds button. If you have already configured other apps to be delayed, then you won’t see 30 seconds, instead you would see a higher delay duration in the button. This is because the Autorun Organizer calculates the appropriate duration of the delay interval for the selected program so that it does not interfere with others at the system boot.

In order to disable an application being automatically run at Windows startup, you can select it from the list and then check the checkbox labeled Temporary disable. Similarly, you can remove an auto-run entry from Windows by clicking on the Remove button while that entry is selected in the list.

You can download Autorun Organizer from