View How Battery Current Fluctuates with the Electron App for Android

Many people think that the smartphone battery is discharged at a flat uniform rate all the time. But it is not true. In fact, the battery is drained much faster when you play games or run resource hungry apps in your Android phone. Similarly, when you do not use the smartphone at all and keep various networks (like WiFi and Bluetooth) turned off, then the battery is discharged at a very slow rate. We can also notice a sudden spike in the battery current flow when you connect the phone to a wall socket charger or travel charger.

But how would you know the exact value of current being drawn from the battery terminals at any given moment? For this technical information, you can use the free Electron app for Android smartphone. The app is basically an ammeter (a current measuring device) for your Android phone’s battery. It can tell you the current value of the current, the maximum current, the minimum current and the average value of the current drawn from the battery in real time.

Electron App for Android

Actually, it plots a graph of the battery current versus the time which could be useful in understanding how your battery and under which conditions it drains the most. You can just start the Electron app, tap on the Start button and it will do the rest. The value of current in milli-Ampere (mA) is shown in the graph, over the graph and even a notification is displayed all the time indicating the present value of battery current. You can easily notice the value of the battery current ramp up in the graph as soon as you try to use an app like Instagram or Youtube.

Conclusion: The Electron app for Android is useful for understanding the charging and discharging cycles of your phone battery. It is entirely for geeks and technical minded folks, but other people can also experiment with the way battery current fluctuates when you connect the battery charger or when you launch a resource-hungry app.

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