Nimbus Capture : Great Screen Capture Utility and Nimbus Note Companion

Nimbus Note is an alternative to the popular Evernote and can be used for saving your notes, web articles, images, links, screen captures, video-casts and so on. Developers at Nimbus have worked really hard in making the Nimbus Note accessible from all the platforms and for saving all the possible types of notes. They have developed Nimbus Web Clipper that is used to save full or partial articles, images and links found on various web pages. There is also Nimbus Capture – a great screen capture utility that works on all the popular platforms and web browsers and can capture the images and videos of your screen activity. You can save the captures to local storage disk or upload them to your Nimbus Note account.

Nimbus Capture opens up with options to capture the images or videos or open an in-built image editor. The images and videos can be captured of the full screen, of a fragment of the screen or window, or of a custom size region on the screen.

Nimbus Capture

If you choose to capture your screen into an image, it quickly opens the captured image in the in-built image editor. The editor has all the most wanted tools that are usually needed for annotating and editing the screenshots – arrows, lines, rectangles, circles, pen, blurring tool, text and so on. After editing the image you can save it on your local storage media in the form of PNG format or upload it to your Nimbus Note account.

Nimbus Capture

Unlike some other screen capture utilities, Nimbus Capture can also capture your screen activities into videos. Just like with the images, you can record the full screen or a region of the screen into the video. Along with the video, you can also record the audio coming from the microphone or other sources. The video can be saved in the MP4 format or can be uploaded to your Nimbus Note account.

Nimbus Capture

Conclusion: Nimbus Capture is a full featured and free screen capture utility that can capture screenshots into image files as well as record the screen activity into MP4 videos. It can work on Windows or Android and has extensions for the Chrome and Firefox browsers.

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