Use Different Browsers for Different Links with BrowserSelect

These days we all have multiple web browsers installed on our computers. And why not? After all, there are so many options available – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, Apple Safari and many others. I myself have Chrome, Firefox and Opera installed in my Windows PC in addition to the pre-installed Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge browsers. I use Firefox for everyday web browsing and use Chrome for sites where financial transactions might take place, for example, online shopping sites, online banking sites etc. But for this I have to manually open a web browser and type in the URL to access those sites.

I recently found an open-source utility called BrowserSelect that makes selecting different web browsers for different links easy. After you install BrowserSelect utility in your Windows PC, you will be shown a browser choice menu when you double-click on any website link. You have to select BrowserSelect from this list to make it work for you.


Next time when you try to open a web site link by double-clicking on any LNK or URL file or by clicking on such links from non-browser applications, you will be presented with a browser selection menu. It displays large icons of all the browsers installed in your PC. You can select a browser to be used for opening this link. If you want to always open this website using a particular web browser, then just click on the Always button underneath that browser’s icon.


In the settings, you can choose which web browsers should be displayed in the menu when someone tries to open a link, modify or edit the auto-select filters that define which browser should be used for which website and make BrowserSelect as the default web browser.

BrowserSelect is very useful for people who use two different web browsers for different sites or different web browser profiles for different web sites. For example, you can make certain sites open through a web browser that is configured to access the internet via a proxy while open rest of the sites using a regular web browser with direct access to the internet.

You can download BrowserSelect from