How to Enable Abuse Prevention Settings in Twitter

In the recent times, many of the celebrities as well as common people abandoned their twitter accounts after getting harassed repeatedly on this social networking platform. Once the trolls sniff out your twitter account, they make it a mission of their life to tweet hurting comments to you every single day. Until recently, there was no setting to prevent this from happening to you. But now twitter developers have come forward with an abuse prevention setting. You can enable this setting to see only the comments from the people you know. Here is how you can enable this setting for your twitter account:

On your desktop computer:

  1. Visit in your web browser.
  2. Select the checkbox Only people you follow.Twitter Abuse Prevention
  3. Click on the Save changes button to save the settings.

On your Android smartphone:

  1. Launch the twitter app. Tap on the hamburger menu icon and select Settings.Twitter Abuse Prevention
  2. On the settings screen, select Notifications.
  3. On the notifications settings screen select Notifications Tab.
  4. Select the checkbox labeled Only people you follow.Twitter Abuse Prevention

After you have enabled these settings, you will receive social engagement notifications only from the people that you follow. So if you are not receiving notifications from your friends, you have to start following them first. This also means that strangers would not be able to send you direct messages.

When you enable this setting, it also automatically enables the quality filter setting. This setting filters the tweets you see based on the origin of the twitter account used for posting the tweets and also their behavior. It also filters automated content often posted by promotional companies or advertisement campaigners. It can also filter duplicate tweets, for example, you won’t see the tweets re-tweeted by your friends if you have already see those tweets because you also follow the same person.