SFTP Net Drive : Access SFTP Server as a Disk Drive in Windows

Back in the 90’s things were much simpler, and people did not really need encrypted connections to transfer data so much. But owing to repeated attacks on the data transfer between a client and the server computer, sooner they forced secure protocols like HTTPS and SFTP. Just like HTTPS is a secure and encrypted version of the HTTP protocol,  SFTP is encrypted and secure version of the popular FTP protocol. If you need to transfer files from and to a remote computer using the SFTP protocol, then you may use programs like FileZilla. But if you need repeated or continuous access to the remote computer using SFTP then you may want to use the SFTP Net Drive.

The SFTP Net Drive software allows you to access a remote computer through SFTP as a disk drive in your Windows File Explorer. This makes it extremely comfortable to perform file operations, send or receive files on the remote computer. The software is free for personal use, but the free version does not allow you to set custom names for connection profiles.

SFTP Net Drive

You start by clicking on the New profile button, entering the remote server domain or the IP address. Then i the main window, you can enter the username and the password before connecting to the remote server. Optionally, you can also choose a drive letter that you want to use, but by default it select a random drive letter for your use.

SFTP Net Drive

After a connection is established, the remote server becomes accessible in form of a disk drive in Windows File Explorer. You can copy, delete, or perform other files operations on this disk drive as usual. But which file operations are allowed depends on the SFTP server configuration on the remote server.

SFTP Net Drive

The connection stays active until you close it. For closing the connection, you can right-click on the SFTP Net Drive icon in the notification area and choose to terminate the connection. From this notification area icon, you can also change various settings like making the program start automatically with Windows and more.

You can download SFTP Net Drive from https://www.eldos.com/sftp-net-drive/index.php.