Freehand Painter : Sketch and Paint Your Ideas with Ease

The first thing that I did with my touchscreen Windows PC was to draw images using my finger tips. You can draw average looking sketches using your finger tips, but if you really want to draw some professional looking sketches or paintings then you must have a stylus pen. And if you do not have a touchscreen computer then you may want to buy a Wacom drawing tablet which comes with a stylus of its own. But hardware alone does not help with you drawing great looking sketches in your PC, you must have a good sketching software as well. The stock applications like Microsoft Paint are not really designed to work with touchscreen computers or with Wacom drawing tablets.

Instead of wasting time on Microsoft Paint and getting poor results, you can use a freeware like Freehand Painter to achieve very nice looking results. Freehand Painter is a free and extremely easy to use graphical editor to create and draw freehand sketches on the computer. This program lets you draw, paint and create vector graphics. It also supports and saves sketches done in the ISF image format. It is fully optimized and compatible with multi-touch enabled screens which makes it a pleasure to work with the touch-screen or on tablet computers.

Freehand Painter

However, the program does not allow many tools like some other graphics editors. You get only a paint brush tool and you are allowed to control its color and the brush size. You can pick the color from a color palette given at the bottom but you can also define your own custom colors. Basically, it is a digital version of a painter’s canvas, brush and the palette combined.

So if you have run out of your monthly budget to buy more canvas, colors or brushes for the painter inside you, you can still keep drawing basically for free using Freehand Painter on your Windows PC. All that is required is a creative mind and touch-screen enabled PC.

You can download Freehand Painter from