Use Gamepad or Joystick for Any Game with Pinnacle Game Profiler

Usually I do not play games on my PC, as I have a Sony PlayStation for all my gaming needs. But some of the older PC games bring back my high school memories and I cannot resist playing them once in a while. For example, I used to play Unreal Tournament 2004 with my friends and I am sometimes still excited when I see someone play it. I even have an old USB ready gamepad that I bought back in 2006-2007 for playing Unreal Tournament with my high-school friends. But some of the games either do not have any gamepad support or they work with a particular model of the gamepad only.

The Pinnacle Game Profiler software can make any gamepad or joystick work with any game in your PC. What it does is that it connects the gamepad button inputs to various actions in the game. This way you can also alter the functions of the gamepad that would not be otherwise possible.

Pinnacle Game Profiler

After installing the Pinnacle Game Profiler, you have to attach your gamepad to your PC. As soon as the gamepad is connected, Pinnacle Game Profiler detects it and offers you to configure it. For many popular models and even for some of the cheaper or generic models, this program has ready to use configurations. But if your gamepad is not recognized, then you can manually define the actions for various buttons.

Pinnacle Game Profiler

You can also edit and modify configurations and even add or duplicate the same configuration as you like. In the configuration, you have to specify the game executable for which the game controller configuration is desired. This way you can just select a configuration from the list and then hit the Play button to start that game with a custom game controller configuration.

Pinnacle Game Profiler

In the settings for the Pinnacle Game Profiler, you can choose to auto-run it at Windows startup, automatically apply game configurations, allow multiple instances of the program, make more CPU resources available to the program and more.

Conclusion: Pinnacle Game Profiler can make your game controllers work for any games in your Windows PC. It allows you to configure game controller buttons for various actions and auto-configure it for some popular games.

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