Avira Scout : Chromium Based Secure Web Browser from Avira

Even though there are many secure web browsers available for Windows PC users like Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome, most of the PC users either stay unaware of these third party web browsers or they do not configure them correctly to make the full use of their security features. Perhaps this is why almost every computer security firm is now offering their own pre-configured secure web browsers based on either Firefox or Chromium open source projects. For example, AOL is offering AOL Shield, Comodo offers Comodo Dragon, there is BitBox backed by the government of Germany and now Avira has come up with Avira Scout.

Avira Scout is based on Chromium project and is therefore looks very similar to the Google Chrome browser. But it comes pre-configured with many security add-ons to keep you secure when you browse the internet. It comes with the three popular extensions built inside – HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger and Avira Browser Safety. It also has an Autopilot feature that lets you customize the browser on one click.

Avira Scout

This security conscious browser from Avira focuses on four things-

  1. Secure Surfing – The Avira Browser Safety extension checks  for any phishing, malicious or harmful websites as you browse the web and blocks them before they can cause any damage.
  2. Secure WiFi – When using a public WiFi access point (e.g., in hotels, airports, coffee shops etc.), Avira Scout forces all the websites to use HTTPS secure protocol to encrypt your data to prevent any man-in-the-middle attacks.
  3. Privacy Protection – Facebook and Twitter are integrated in all sites and therefore they can track which websites you visit and where you do your online shopping. Avira Scout blocks such tracking to protect your privacy.
  4. Simple to Configure – Avira Scout comes with Autopilot feature using which you can switch back and forth between comfort and secure modes. For this, you can click on the auto-pilot icon in the toolbar and choose one of the two available modes. In the comfort mode, it enables secure WiFi, safe browsing, safe shopping and anonymous statistics (to be sent to Avira servers). In the secure mode, it enables only secure WiFi and the safe browsing.Avira Scout

However, Avira Scout does not come with Flash built inside. If you want to access Flash content on web sites then you will have to download and install a special build of Flash for Avira Scout web browser available from the Avira website – https://www.avira.com/download-flash-player.

Conclusion: Avira Scout is fast, secure, Chromium-based web browser that comes with some of the popular security extensions to make your web browsing experience safe and secure.

You can download Avira Scout from https://www.avira.com/en/avira-scout.

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  1. I’ve been using Avira Scout for a few months and like but all of a sudden they seem to have integrated some kind of CLIQZ junk in the address bar. Not sure it’s an improvement.

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