Desktop APM Keeps a Track of Your Computer Activity

Desktop APM is a smart solution to keep a track of your PC activity. APM is an acronym for Actions Per Minute which basically includes the number of clicks made by your mouse and the number of key-presses you made on your keyboard. This Desktop APM software records and displays this APM data in many different ways. It can show you a bar-graph of the recorded actions (key-presses and mouse-clicks), it can display your the hot spots (the places on your screen where you click the most), a list of all the applications in which you type the most (you can also see a line graph of this data too).

This software installs an icon in the system tray and keeps monitoring your actions as you use your PC as usual. You can click on this icon to open the Desktop APM window and it will show a bar graph displaying your actions per minute. It will also show some calculated data like the highest APM, average APM, active time, mouse distance traveled in pixels etc.

Desktop APM

In the timeline feature offered by the Desktop APM software, you can see all the applications you used, the time when you used them and the time duration for which you used them along with the APM for each of these applications. You can also choose to display this data in form of a line-graph that can tell you the APM average as it is calculated per minute for each of these applications.

Desktop APM

You will be likely interested in knowing where you click the most on your screen. Desktop APM can show you this using the hotspot data. As you choose the hotspot feature in the Desktop APM software, it temporarily turns the screen grey-scale and shows you all the recorded clicks in form of yellow spots.

Desktop APM

Conclusion: Desktop APM is a very interesting software that can show you how you use your PC based on the comprehensive analysis of your key-presses, mouse-clicks and the applications that you use. It can present all of this data in various formats like a bar graph or a line graph.

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