View Your IP Address in Firefox Toolbar with HMA IP Checker

More and more people are using VPN services to encrypt and secure their internet connections. If you access a website without any secure connection, then there is always a possibility of someone eaves-dropping on your online activities. With the help of secure VPN services, you can encrypt all of your internet connections. If you are using one of these secure VPN services like Tunnel Bear, CyberGhost or Hotspot Shield, then you should also make sure that these services do not stop working in the middle.

Suppose you connected to a VPN server, thought that you are now connected to the internet via the VPN server proxy and while you are in the middle of browsing a website, this VPN service malfunctions or stops working and reveals your real IP address. Even though it is hypothetical situation, it is still is a disastrous situation that you would never want to find yourself to be.

To avoid such problems, you can use the HMA IP Checker extension for Firefox. This extension can display your external IP address as well as warn you when your external IP address changes. In order to view your IP address, you can just click on the HMA IP Checker extension icon in the Firefox toolbar. It just shows you the IP address and the country flag where that IP address is located. But if you click on downward arrow, it will display much more information like the ISP name, city, country, coordinates and the location on a map.

HMA IP Checker

If you want the IP Checker extension to alert you of IP address changes, then you can do so from under the Log & Alert tab. Here you have to first choose a time frequency for checking the IP address. The minimum time frequency is 10 minutes. Then it can allow you to select the option to alert you about the IP address changes.

HMA IP Checker

Conclusion: HMA IP Checker is must-to-have extension for all the Firefox users who use VPN service to hide their online identity or to secure their online connection. It makes it very easy to check the IP address right from the Firefox toolbar without having to visit any third party website.

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