Gravity Screen for Android Turns Screen On/Off Automatically

The Gravity Screen app for Android can switch your phone’s screen on or off automatically depending on the phone’s orientation. It makes use of the gravity sensor of the phone, so the phone must have the gravity sensor for the app to work. This is useful if you want to automatically turn off the phone’s screen when you place it in your pocket or place it on the top of a table or some other flat surface. It can also automatically turn the screen back on when you take your smartphone out of your pocket or pick it up from the table. This is not only convenient, but it can also make the battery last longer as the screen won’t use up all the battery juice unnecessarily.

After you install the Gravity Screen app in your Android smartphone, you have to set it as the device administrator before it is ready to use. You can test it by placing the phone on your table or any other flat horizontal surface like your car’s seat. The screen will instantly switch off. And when you pick it up, the screen should switch back on. If it is not working as you expected, it is time to tweak the app settings.

Gravity Screen for Android

In the app settings, you can choose the angle margins for it to detect that the phone is inside your pocket or on the table top. By default, it uses a 60 degrees margin to detect if the phone is inside your pocket and a 15 degrees margin for the table top. These values should work for everyone, but you can modify them for your own needs.

Gravity Screen for Android

You can also choose to switch the screen on or off using the proximity sensor. Typically you will have to swipe over the proximity sensor to switch the screen on or when you take the phone out of your pocket. A similar action will turn the phone screen off. The app also has options to turn on the screen when motion is detected and the device is facing up.

Conclusion: The Gravity Screen app is great for phones that have power button malfunctioning and you cannot really use the power button to switch on or off the screen. The app also helps the phone battery last longer and gives you the convenience of using the phone without having to worry about switching the phone screen off or on frequently.

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  1. Hello. I am using this aplication for more than 5 months and I was very happy with it. It turn off the display when I put my Samsung Core 2 (not proximity sensor) in a table up or if I move the display down= GREAT! Also maintainn the display ON when I was in a call when I use the free hand or the speaker (good for me) but lately the display turn off during a call and go black after a minute (bad for me); I change several controls (sensibility-time to turn off) without success. Give me an advice to get this function again please. Thanks very much. Vicente.

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