Easily Modify Build.prop File in Android with BuildProp Editor

In all the Android smartphones there is a file named build.prop located in the root of the system partition. This is basically a configuration file for Android which allows you to change how Android behaves, which features Android makes available to the user and how it interacts with the hardware. By modifying this basic.prop file in your Android smartphone, you can enable or disable some of the features. For example, by appending a few lines in this build.prop you can easily enable multi-user support in the Android. But manually editing the build.prop file is a very cumbersome process.

Instead of manually editing the build.prop file, you can use the BuildProp Editor app  for editing this file. This app makes it very easy to change or add any properties in the Android. It lists all the properties from the build.prop and you can tap on any of these properties to modify their content as you wish. But before modifying these contents in the build.prop file, you should do two things – first, do some research on the internet about how these properties are going to affect your Android phone and second, make a backup of the build.prop file.

In order to make a backup of the build.prop file using the BuildProp Editor, you can tap on the small hamburger icon and then choose to Create backup. All the backups are also listed there along with the time and date stamps. You can choose any of these backups to restore the build.prop files from them.

BuildProp Editor

Once you have restored a backup, modified a property in the build.prop file, or have added a new property in this file, you will have to reboot the device. Without rebooting your Android device the new values in the build.prop won’t be loaded. You can reboot the device using by long pressing the power button and then choosing the Reboot option. Or you can use the BuildProp Editor’s ellipses menu and choose to reboot from there.

BuildProp Editor

Conclusion: Although it is meant only for the advanced users, BuildProp Editor makes it much easier to change the contents of the build.prop file and modify the Android configuration instantly.

You can download BuildProp Editor from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jrummy.apps.build.prop.editor&hl=en.