QuickTextPaste : Quickly Paste Text Snippets in Any Windows Program

When writing an article for your blog, sometimes you have to type a phrase or some particular word again and again many times. If the phrase is too long, then it quickly becomes a little bit annoying to type it repeatedly. Yes, you can use the universal Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V copy-paste hotkeys, but when you have to do a lot of copy-pasting of so many things, you soon loose track of the most repeated phrases. Besides it is not so effective to use the standard copy-paste hotkeys if you have to paste more than one phrases into your article.

If you have do copy-pasting of some of the repeated phrases in any Windows application, then you can make use of the QuickTextPaste software. This small portable program for Windows allows you to assign individual hotkeys for small snippets of text so that you can quickly paste these text snippets into any program using the respective hotkeys.


The QuickTextPaste program comes with some of the Lorem Ipsum random content filled in for some of the hotkeys. You can select any of this text data and change the text or the hotkeys assigned to paste it. Typically the hotkeys use one of the modifier keys like the Windows logo key, Ctrl or Alt and one of the alphanumeric keys. You can edit or add as many text snippets as possible using the program and your Windows system.

The QuickTextPaste can also be used to run commands or other programs. For this, you have to use type run: followed by the full program path name instead of the text snippets. For example, if you type run:C:\Windows\Notepad.exe, then it will launch Windows Notepad for the assigned hotkey.

After this, you can click on #To-Tray button on the top to minimize the program to the system tray. Now you can paste these text snippets in any program of your choice, for example, Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer or Notepad. The program works universally in all applications in Windows.

Conclusion:  QuickTextPaste is a very handy and time-saving program. Using this small program, you can quickly paste or insert text snippets in any program. It can also be used to launch programs or commands through the hotkeys.

You can download QuickTextPaste from http://www.softwareok.com/?seite=Microsoft/QuickTextPaste.